Thursday, 27 February 2014

Injured and still get to WorkOut Safely!

"The difference between the Impossible and the Possible lies in a person's Determination." - Tommy Lasorda

My Knee. 


This post have been inspired by me nursing a mild injured knee a couple of weeks ago. I do both yoga and weight training. As my Doctor told me, all knee injuries require rest first. I took some time off to rest, recover and regroup. But by staying off my leg, keeping it elevated and iced, as the Doctor ordered, was just depressing. I felt like I was losing fitness by not training.

When injured you can't perform at 100%, you are limited but at least still get to workout. Having integrated my yoga practice into my weight training schedule to accommodate my recovery needs from training, which helps in keeping the balance. I had to modify not just my yoga poses but also my lower body training.

Exercises can be modified in order to rebuild strength endurance and balance, but if there is pain back off. You don't want another injury or risk the injury of reoccurring.

With yoga it's important to know which poses engages your knees and using props (pillow, rolled up towel, blocks, etc). I used a rolled up towel, for example with Child's pose; Instead of sitting with closed knees, I opened my knees and bend forward and if there was sign of any pain in my knee by doing this,  I used the rolled up towel under my thighs to maximize the distance between my buttocks and heels and still got the benefits from the pose. Cat-Cow pose; Also by wearing my knee brace as it has a donut shape in the front and that way my patella didn't touch the ground. Hero's pose; I sat on a rolled up towel, because this pose can be intense for the knee. With Standing poses, like Warrior I, II. I made sure my knee was aligned with my ankles and also didn't go to deep into the pose.

I could still do Squats and Lunges, only at 45 degree angles, by not going past 90 degrees and not causing any stress to my knee. I did straight leg deadlift without additional weight, because additional stress on the joints cause additional pain to the knee.

Knowing the degree of your injury and listening to your Doctor and taking the time to rest can make a whole lot of difference when you start training with an injury. It takes creativity to train through injury and still protect the injured leg or whatever body part until it heals.

Having had a knee injury before where I was off my leg for a longer period of time, and this happening again in a milder form, just made me take greater care in making sure I minimize the risk of the injury reoccurring. My leg is back to 100% and I can exercise as before.

Always warm up before any exercise and cool down. Follow each work out with some easy stretches. Listen to your body and make sure you keep proper form.

Remember to breath, Relax and have Fun!

Stay Healthy!