Thursday, 23 January 2014

DIY: Revamp Knitted Cardigan, Part 2

Hello, it continues.

The cardigan is 32 inches when laying flat and from the gauge swatch I knitted, I got 5 stitches per inch and cast on 160 stitches. 

I've started knitting the bottom (k1, p1) ribbing and after that was stitched onto the cardigan, I started with the embroidery. 

The embroidery does take awhile to do. 

The pockets I left out as I was not to sure what I would do.

I started the embroidery on the pockets and this was the out come. 

Forgot to change the setting on my camera, so the colour looks a tat bit yellow.  Any-oh-hoo, the pocket openings got embroidered. 

So, what to do with the roll-neck? Not too sure. Lets get started. 

Can't wait to see what would look like when it's all done.