Wednesday, 11 December 2013

DIY: Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas!

Christmas cards are send in order to convey between people a range of sentiments related to the Christmas season.

Lucky for me most of these cards are being hand delivered, and just a few are being posted. Having a budget to stick to, and by making my own Christmas cards I kept my cost low. Greeting cards can get pricey over the Christmas season, especially if you have more than 20+ to send.

I've kept it simple, so what you going to need.

Fibre pens, glitter,

patter paper, glue, ruler, scissors, pencil, brush, eraser
You going to fold your paper to the size you would like to have your card and then cut. Here are a few ideas.

In the first photo I cut out a design and then cut the red paper to fit into the gray card and glued it together. I added some glue and glitter and sprayed gold to the inside of the card.

I basically done the same to this card. The design and colours are different. I added glitter and glued other coloured pieces of paper to the card.
Gold and Brown card glued together

The end result

With the next card I used the cut out of the card above and glued it to the black card. Added some glitter and a red star.

This card I drew Xmas trees on green paper, cut them out and glue it.  I also drew a star on yellow pager and glued it to the card. Yes more glitter.

On these I used the cut outs as a template and used the gold and silver spray on the cards.

This one I cut the design on another piece of paper and glue it to the card. Sprayed it with the gold spray and more glitter.

For the two cards below, I once again used the cut outs as a template and used gold and silver spray

With all of that done, there was glitter everywhere and my fingers was sticking together.

Christmas Cards


With the envelopes and the cards done it was time to write in the cards and sealed them.

Light the candle and let the wax drip onto the envelope, as seen above. Then place the stamp onto the wax with a little pressure and then remove
Stamp on the wax
This is the end result. I added some glitter to the wax. 

I was really loving the glitter.

For how to make you own envelopes go to the previous post.

Have fun and enjoy.